Suzuki Auto

Arbitration: How does the mediation/ arbitration process work?

When NCDS receives your request, it is forwarded to Suzuki for a response within one day of NCDS’ receipt of your claim.


After receiving and analyzing all pertinent documentation, the appointed Arbitrator may determine that a technical evaluation is needed.  This may include an inspection of the vehicle.


If you have requested an Oral Hearing:  At the oral hearing you and a Suzuki Representative will present each respective side of the case to the Arbitrator.  Each of you has the opportunity to present testimony and provide documents as evidence.  All parties will be given time for rebuttal.


If you have requested a Documents Only Hearing:  The Arbitrator Board will review all documents presented by you and Suzuki and will provide a decision based on the written documents only.


A settlement satisfactory to all parties may be negotiated during the mediation/arbitration process prior to submission of the case to the Arbitrator or oral hearing or for final document review.


If a technical evaluation was made, the technical expert will forward an evaluation report to NCDS.  At the oral hearing, the Arbitrator will listen to all testimony and review all of the available information and the applicable legal standards and render a decision within 10 days of the hearing completion.